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August 26, 2016
by Catherine Onyemelukwe
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Inheritance for Igbo Women

Inheritance for Igbo Women Inheritance for Igbo women has been an issue in Nigeria for a long time. In 1991 a case was filed by a woman who said she could not be removed from the land that came to … Continue reading

February 5, 2015
by Catherine Onyemelukwe

Nanka, New York Times, Problems and Hope

Unique Greeting Anniversary Greeting from Nanka Students’ Union We received an email from the Nanka Students’ Union a couple of days ago. It’s a warm and wonderful anniversary greeting. I love it. I haven’t emailed them my thanks yet. I will … Continue reading

October 21, 2014
by Catherine Onyemelukwe

Victory for Nigeria and Hope for Missing Girls

Peace Corps Connections and Ebola Peace Corps volunteers are known for their dedication to the people of the countries where they served. Sometimes the dedication extends to the next generation. Jack and Teresita Finlay, members of Friends of Nigeria, sent … Continue reading

October 16, 2014
by Catherine Onyemelukwe

A Theft, A Threat, and Raising Awareness

Ebola is now in the U.S. and citizens react. Why didn’t we act earlier? We see too few children of color in children’s books – can we change that? A pumpkin thief gets caught at Linvilla Orchards.

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