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Love on the Road is an entertaining anthology of stories about falling in love when traveling or meeting someone who travels to your home, or when both of you are on the road. My story, “The Memorable Memo,” was selected for this anthology. You can find my author’s bio under the book listing on Amazon.



My story, “My Son’s Home is an Ibo Village,” is in the winter 2014 issue of Brain, Child, the magazine for thinking mothers. I describe the naming ceremony of our oldest child in my husband’s village.


New York Times



I wrote about “A Nigerian Connection at Bloomingdale’s” in New York city, published in the “Metropolitan Diary” in the New York Times in January 2014.

Website and Blogs

My website and blog, Grandma’s Charity Challenge, invites grandparents and parents, indeed any adults, to introduce children in their world to charitable giving through making a challenge.



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