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Nigerian Politics in Crisis?

Love Does Not Win Elections

Feyi Fawehinmi, contributor to the Guardian, an online Nigerian publication, writes about Ayisha Osori’s forthcoming book, Love Does Not Win Elections, about Nigerian Politics. He says, “I’ll go out on a limb and say this is the most important book that will be written in and about Nigeria this year.”

Strong words. She writes about her attempt to get on the ticket of the PDP to run for the Federal House of Representatives. Fawehinmi says her story shows, “Nigerian politics is in a serious crisis.”

Love does not win elections

Her gender is against her. She has to pay off many people even to have her candidacy taken half-way seriously. The party that encouraged women to run then turned around and supported all the incumbents, mostly men.

The politicians seem to be in office only for their own gain. Because there is so much graft involved, politicians do not concern themselves with the needs of their constituents, knowing their re-election will depend on the party, not the voters.

The author of the article asks if the effort to run is even worthwhile, given the rigged system. He concludes, “The candour with which she has documented her experience means the book can serve the purpose of shining a light on the deep dysfunction of Nigerian politics.”

Prince Philip to Step Down

Image resultPrince Philip will step down from official duties in the Fall, Buckingham Palace has announced.

I surprised myself by wanting to read the announcement. Why did I care? Because for me the British Royals are a source of endless fascination, at least the older generation.

Perhaps it was the years living in Nigeria. After all, for the first few years after Nigerian Independence, the Queen was still the Monarch. At the Anglican Church I attended with Clem, we prayed for her health every Sunday.

Philip is 95 years old, and the longest-serving consort in British history. I think he deserves a rest. Do you agree?

Queen Elizabeth will continue her official duties, the announcement said. The Duke may accompany her. She’s only 91!

Too Many Appointees from North?

Max Siollun writes about the controversy over appointments to Nigeria’s version of the FBI. He cites statistics of new appointments. Disproportionate numbers of the new hires are from northern states.

Especially prominent are those from the same state as the President and the head of the SSS. Is this an attempt to re-balance after years of greater numbers of recruits coming from the South? Maybe.

Perhaps it is at least positive that he is emphasizing state over tribe.

Last Notes from Legacies of Biafra?

I don’t promise, but this may be the last time I talk about the conference at SOAS in April.

I’ve enjoyed hearing from people I met. Charles asked me to fill out a survey for his PhD dissertation. He was, he said, “Asking people that run their own business however small, a few questions on faith and business.” He added, “Please help me to pass the link to others who are in business too.” Here’s the link in case you want to help him out.

His survey focused on Christianity. So I, a Unitarian Universalist, was not very helpful. It took me less than his estimated 10 minutes to finish.

The presentation I gave, Powering Biafra, One Key Actor, was about my husband Clem’s many important roles during the nearly 3 years of Biafra’s existence. You can read the paper here.

Oil Refining in Nigeria

Another article in the Nigerian press caught my eye. The NNPC, Nigeria’s body charged with overseeing the oil sector, is hoping to attract twenty investors in modular refineries.Image result for modular oil refinery

Olumide Adeosun of PricewaterhouseCoopers Limited says optimistically, “There is an opportunity for potential uptake by neighbouring countries if the market has Nigeria’s refined products readily available.”

Will the NNPC find these investors? Will the projects get built? Let’s hope! Nigeria could use a boost to the economy.

The picture is a “Typical Modular Refineries offered by MGI.”

African Authors in New York Festival

I read about the PEN World Voices Festival in Ainehi Edoro’s blog Brittle Paper. The most exciting event for me would have been the conversation between Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Trevor Noah. But it had already happened. And it was sold out.

I hope Ainehi will post a video or at least a recap.

The 12 African Authors Participating in the 2017 PEN World Voices Festival

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